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CartoonGonzo – Naruto sex scene

We are sure that you enjoy watching Naruto getting his cock sucked so this cartoongonzo update is going to blow your brains, not to mention that you will get a boner in your pants. How can you not love this famous hero, specially if he is with the beautiful Sakura and her sexy master, Tsunade. They are all training together this day but Naruto seems to be with his mind somewhere else and he is not playing attention. The two warriors are angry on him and they ask him to tell them what’s going on. He is ashamed because he can’t stop thinking about watching them naked but he can’t tell them this. Sakura pretty much figures it out because she sees him getting a boner and Naruto can’t hide his feelings anymore.

The babes decide to make him get back to training one way or another, and if this means that they have to get naked for him that this is what they are going to do. What an interesting cartoon gonzo Naruto scene don’t you think?! Not only that they strip for him, but they even take turns on sucking his hard big cock, taking him balls deep in their mouth. Naruto explodes in they mouth filling their pretty faces with his creamy cum!


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