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Witch lesbos and trannies

Another fresh week and as always more cartoon gonzo sex scenes are here for your enjoyment. Well today we have another group of horny and sexy witches that get to enjoy some nice and hard style fuck sessions with one another and in this one you get to see them getting around to test a spell on one of their buddies. They rarely get to have guys around and they do need their cocks. So this is meant to give one of them a dick at times when they are in need to fuck. So let’s see how that went down between them today shall we guys?

All in all it was a success as the brown haired babe and the blonde cast their spell on the red head and presto, she was now a tranny. So take your time to watch the two lusty sluts getting to suck and slurp on that cock to get it nice and hard. Then the blonde takes her first ride on it enjoying the nice and deep pussy fucking. soon the other babe was begging her to let her have a turn to get it in her cunt too as she was getting bored of being orally pleased. So enjoy this superb threesome with these lovely ladies and see you next week!


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